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Re: Citi Prequalified offers
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tennisfan78 wrote:

Last week, I checked on citicards website to see if I am prequalified for any thing. It said I wasnt prequalified for anything, but recommended to apply for Thank you preferred card.


I checked my mail today and got 3 prequalified offers:


1. Thank you Preferred card, 0 apr for 12 months and 14.99 after that. 7500 bonus points after spending $500 in the first 3 months


2. Citi Simplicity card, 0 apr for 12 months and 12.99 after that.


3. Citi Platinum select/AAdvantage World Master card. 35,000AA bonus points after making 1500 in purchases in first 3 months. APR15.24. AF $95.



I am not familiar with Citicards. Are any of the cards above worth considering. what kind of credit is required?   what does citi pull and what are the starting CLIs like?


Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Do you fly AA or want AA miles?  If "no", then 3 doesn't make much sense.  If yes, then it depends what other cards you have, this is $95 for a card for a single airline (can be used on some partner airlines though) as compared to other cards which work with multiple airlines and hotels.  If you do want this, and are willing to pay twice, you can do the two browser thing (see flyertalk for lots of threads on these cards) and get the MC and Visa, each giving the bonus miles.


Simplicity doesn't charge extra fees for some things, but no rewards, not sure of the strengths of this card.


Thank You Preferred: TYP don't expire and you get 1:1 redemption on points, with this card, whereas Forward doesn't give 1:1 and points expire.  But Preferred only earns 1 point per $ most of the time, unlike the Forward, and lacks the features of the $125 version (Prestige?) so this is another card I don't quite understand.  But I think lots of people here do have it.