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lawless05 wrote:

So today i logged into my Capital one account and found that i have a CLI of 1000----->1750CL now. This is just not enough to keep this card. While i was waiting for Crap1 to call with the details of my request i got approved for a Discover IT card with a 6,000 limit. I dont know if i'm crazy or not but i've been with Crap on for 7 years and this is all they can offer me they FAIL Major. It was worth a try. i cant wait for the call from them on this Thursday telling the offer and me replying with CANCEL the card it has 0 balance.

Well they will probably also remove the annual fee, so just keep it at a $0 balance and keep the average age of account up (AAOA).  You should definitely point out the 7 years and the other limits that you have with actual 'Prime' cards with truly 'conservative' lenders.  I am sure they might bring up the aspect which they like to use as rhetoric about being a conservative lended.  I called them yesterday about getting my interest rate reduced on my account.  Because I love them so much I brought up I brought up the aspect of conservative lenders now who trust me when they mentioned that word and proceeded to repeatedly use examples to disprove everything the executive office is now starting to repeat as if they were just CSR's which were promoted because of the demand in phone calls from less than happy customers.  You fared less than I did when I did my BBB case.  I went from $500 to $2000 and I have only been with them for 2.5 years.  They said they will call me back on my Capital One Card and my Household Card today.  I'm not holding my breath for anything from them.  I just want them to work for having me as a card holder at this point, I don't plan on using the cards.  I would not even have all the cards I do now if they had simply worked with me long ago.  Maybe, if they product change my card to a Venture card I will use it, but it must also come with the bonus 10,000 miles. 


And oh yeah, even the Exec Office suggested that if I want a product change to try applying for a new card.  My response is what it always is.  If you treated me with good CSR I would not need to reapply, so there is no real decision to make.  I will not reapply, I will wait for you to use good business practices to keep me as a customer.

I swear I am going right to the Garden...... Hopefully to stay there longer than a month this time......