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Re: Jared & kay's Credit Card Question

remarc wrote:

Finally both these cards reported. I got two because i orginally applied for Kays, was ment to apply for Jareds. In the end i was approved for both for $5100. Today they both report with a CL of $2550 . Its helping my UTI as it droped by 13% , however do i really need both? I think $5100 would look better on my report that $2550 on two cards.. I currently have 12 cards and im looking to close some as i feel I have too many cards and in the next 6 months i wish to join a Credit Union and trade my car out for another. 


Show i close the Kays card? 


What do you guys think? 

I say close one card and show one TL with a higher CL. But call them to ensure if youdo this that they will report the total TL of 5100

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