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Cap One Exec helped me with Household bank card?

This is weird. I wrote the Cap One CEO explaining my frustration with the household bank card. I just explained how I received 3 back to back inquiries on TU last year over the card, how the credit limit is not going anywhere, and how my annual fee is coming up and I want to wait out the transition but how I felt ignored as a customer. I explained that household bank never took care of the excess inquiries even though several reps said it should not be there (I went in circles getting the extra two removed and after 3 generic responses explaining the three different types of inquiries I just gave up. I was polite but said I was little unsure if I wanted to continue to wait out the transition to see if things change. Anyway, I wrote this almost two weeks ago and received no response at all from Cap one or Household Hold Bank.


Fast Forward to today, I just logged on to my household bank account and noticed I have a credit balance of $59 on my account. I guess someone refunded the upcoming annual fee on the 24th...but no one contacted me. I wonder if they are going to finally removed the two extra inquiries (Feb 4, 2012, March 1, 2012).

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