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Approved for BCE!!! Now What??

I am so excited that I can barely type!! *lol* I was just approved for the Amex BCE for 5,500.00 My highest limit yet!! I called and applied over the phone so I could ask some questions first. The csr was very nice and I was amazed at the limit since I just opened a blue sky with them a few weeks ago and the limit on that one was 2400.00.


So, I now have all the big cards that I wanted to get!!! At what point should I start closing some of my smaller cards (department store)? Should I let them hit for a year first or does it not matter? None of them have fees so should I just sd them? I just don't know how it will look with so many cards open for cli's in the future. My aaoa will be taking a dive real soon on EX and TU because my oldest account is due to fall off at anytime. Then my oldest account will be Aug/2012



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