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Re: Approved for BCE!!! Now What??

snowkitty wrote:

I am so excited that I can barely type!! *lol* I was just approved for the Amex BCE for 5,500.00 My highest limit yet!! I called and applied over the phone so I could ask some questions first. The csr was very nice and I was amazed at the limit since I just opened a blue sky with them a few weeks ago and the limit on that one was 2400.00.


So, I now have all the big cards that I wanted to get!!! At what point should I start closing some of my smaller cards (department store)? Should I let them hit for a year first or does it not matter? None of them have fees so should I just sd them? I just don't know how it will look with so many cards open for cli's in the future. My aaoa will be taking a dive real soon on EX and TU because my oldest account is due to fall off at anytime. Then my oldest account will be Aug/2012



I personallly wouldn't close any of the store cards because they have no annual fee unless you never actually like the stores and don't shop at them but got the cards because they were easy while rebuilding?  GE will CLD to $124 after 6-12 months of non use but at any point you can call in and say you would like to start using the card again and they will CLI it with no issue usually.  I'm AU on a GAP card that we have had since like 2000 and I have had to get it CLI about 5 times over the years for inactivity but every time has been no issue and no credit pulls.

If anything I would actually go on a CLI spree with all your GE cards once the Amex's both show on credit... might be worth hanging on to if your Sams Discover was all of a sudden $10k no?! get a manual review done and it might not be such a stretch.

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