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Denied for CLI on Cap 1 secured card. What to do next?

Okay, so I have been with Cap 1 for 7 months now, paid on time and in full each month. Using less than 10% of Credit. I only have two tradelines in good standing, the Cap 1 card, and a student loan I have been perfect on for 24 months. My credit before is BAD. I was young and dumb and didn't pay my bills on time. Lots of charge offs and one open collection for 2gs w Ford Credit (should I pay this?). My wife and I want to buy a home this year and would like to get pre-approved ASAP. My scores are Experian 592, Equifax 634, and TU 649,and she is around 620 w a foreclosure from 3 yrs ago. My question is should I remain the course with my two tradelines and very minimal credit ($300), or apply for a new another secured, or unsecured card? If so, any recommendations on cards? My gross income is around $70k a year and my wife's is 115k a year. I have been in current position about 18 months and she has been at her job 2 plus years. Any tips, recs, help would GREATLY appreciated! Thanks so much!

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