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Re: What's your goal cc limits?

snowkitty wrote:
I'm curious....what is your goal credit card limit all together? All you can get, to match your salary or what?

When I started building my credit last year, my first goal was to just get approved (lol), then once I started getting cards I wanted to break the 5,000.00 credit limit on a card. I did that today with a new Amex BCE approval. I don't see really needing much more than 5k on any of my cards. So I'm curious what goals y'all set. Do you jusy always want more as you get more/better cards??

I just want to get my first 5 digit limt...without a hard pull and recover from all my new accounts and inquiries over the last year. I am hoping in six months I will have all my scores at 760+ if I don't app.


My goal later this year is to obtain Discover with a high starting limit and low APR and maybe CSP. Perhaps a Citi card...but only because they have denied me twice and I think I just want the satisfaction of getting them to say

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