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Re: Cap One Exec helped me with Household bank card?
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I have 2 Cap One cards and I have a Household Bank card with a HUGE $600 CL..... Sense my sarcasm?? So I will soon have 3 Cap One cards, and I have talked to everyone at Cap One about combining cards or transferring limits, really anything to not have 3 cards, but all I hear is that I can close my accounts... Not exactly what I wanted to hear, so I e-mailed the Executive office and am now waiting to hear from them. I will keep you posted.


 Update 03/13/2013


I just e-mailed the exec office about how frustrated I am with my HSBC card and how when I call them, I get a cookie-cutter robot response with no emotion. The CSR's are outsourced and could care less about the customer and I have had PERFECT payment history and paid the $59 AF 3x without a CLI, and I asked what they can do for me. I will update on here if anyone is interested.