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Re: The Definitive Amex 3X CLI Guide

I hit my 61 day window for my Delta Reserve for Business card. I started a CLI request online but received the 7 to 10 day response. I will either wait for the letter or get impatient and call to see what's going on tomorrow but it looks to not be separate for business and personal as the CSR informed me during my last call. Not really good news but at least I can plan for my next request. 

Just got off the phone with a CSR and yes, the 180 day rule covers ALL CARDS regardless of personal or business. So I do have to wait until 180 days after my last request to place a new request. Bummer as would have rather gotten an increase on my Delta Reserve for Business them my personal Delta Platinum. 

By the way the number I was given when I tried calling last night is 800-576-8942. I called the number on the back of my card and the CSR I spoke with was going to transfer me to the department I needed but they were not in on Sunday evening. She gave me the number and said to dial in direct.