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Re: Walmart Fico Score?
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dodgerslv wrote:

SE7EN57 wrote:

Thanks for the quick replies everyone! I noticed when I apped and got denied for Barclays NFL card my TU matched the scores here on myFico in thje letter they sent which is why I'm a bit confused. 

hmmm...Barclays then may still be using the TU98 version on their approval process (one of the few). Im actually surprised they denied u with that score, what were the reasons for the denial if you dont mind me asking?

Inquiries which were from car loan and short credit history which is 11 months were the reasons. I tried reconing twice and no luck. Both times they said they wanted to see more history and to reap in 8-12 months. 


masscredit wrote:

How come there isn't a standard that all creditors go by instead of some using old versions, some using new and others using their own ways to calculate scores. It would make things a lot easier! 

I agree 100%
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