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Re: Barclays system is down, due to malfunction

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I was just coming on to report this.  I found out while I was at Target. Bought a bunch of food, took out my Red Card and was told that their system is down today so they can't accept the Red Card. I wasn't happy because I plan my monthly purchases on certain cards but I went with it and took at the Barclay's. That was declined. Called and found their system is down.  I had to use another card.  I though the credit card industry was crashing today! 

Wow that is crazy.  Two declined cards in a row.  It just goes to show you why we need 5-6 visa's, 2 MC's, 1 Discover and 3 amex cards in your wallet at all times.  Smiley Tongue

lol, or maybe cash Smiley Surprised

Hmmm cash........Nah.

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