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pastnow123 wrote:

it's so funny. if cap one reps really work, executive office wouldn't have been so busy:smileyhappy:do they intend to work this way

I think what they intend is for subprime cardholders to stay at lower limits forever, and if they improve, app for a better card.  That's not very different from other banks, except Cap 1 has so many subprime cardholders that you hear about it all the time.  Compare it to trying to PC your Zync to a Green, or your Chase Amazon to Sapphire.  They will likely tell you to app for the new card.


I think most people just do that.  We're all just a little different here...


Same thing with the credit limits.  Sure, Orchard let me get a soft CLI every month, but after several years of increases they never came close to the static, never raise limit that Cap 1 gave me on my rebuilder.  


I'm ok with this process, now that I know how to get by all the obstacles and get what I want.

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