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Scored US Bank! Thanks Everyone!

I applied for a US Bank FlexPerks Reward got a $5500 limit. Hard to believe from a Cap1 card $300 in Nov 2010 to where I am today. Couldn't have done it without everyone's input on this board. Again Thank You! Smiley Very Happy 

Discover IT $16.5k / US Bank Ace (VSig) $13.5K / US Bank Cash+ (VSig) $13.5k
Sam's Mastercard $9.5k / Walmart Mastercard $8k / Blispay $7.5k PayPal Ex MC $6.1k
CareCredit $5k / Husq $5k / Cap1 QS $4.5k / Barclay Ring $3.95k / Citi DC (WMC) $5.7k
Gardening Date 7/01/16 / MyFico 08: EQ 729 / TU 724 / EX 750 / 7/12/15