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Re: Scored US Bank! Thanks Everyone!

Paid tax lien that doesn't come off until 2016. And some 30 day lates frome 2007 when I became disabled and was short of money. FYI $25000 net income. It can be done but it does take time. I credit CareCredit for getting me the limits I have today. Asked for $5000 and they gave it to me never dreamed they would. My highest limit at the time was $500

US Bank Cash+ (VSig) $10k / US Bank Ace (VSig) $10K / Discover IT $10k
Sam's Mastercard $8.5k / Walmart Mastercard $8k / PayPal SmartConnect $5.1k
CareCredit $5k / Husq $5k / Cap1 QS $4.5k / Barclay Ring $3.55k / Citi DC (WMC) $3k
Gardening Date 5/8/15 / MyFico 08: EQ 729 / TU 724 / EX 750 / 7/12/15