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Re: Pen Fed odds?

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I joined pen fed over the weekend and went ahead and applied for the gas's really the only card out there left that I want and I don't have.  Anyways it went to LO review and is pending, and I am now having regrets, thinking maybe I wasn't ready yet. Lol...


My oldest acct was opened 14 yrs ago, AAoA is 3.3 yrs, 2 inquires in last year, no baddies, I have 3 new accounts opened up in the last year. My fico was a 759 when I applied. Looking for any input. 

Sorry to hear the bad news!!!  I think the 3 new account within the last year spooked them

Depending on when he opened like 3 new accounts in less than 6 months, but I dont see it being a problem where its 3 new accounts in a year span.


I would call and just find out why and try to recon. 

This does not apply with PenFed, they spook very easy. It's either that or Debt/Income ratio .

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