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Re: Pen Fed odds?

LesWH wrote:

newportguy wrote:

LesWH wrote:

I must have really gotten lucky! I was approved for PenFed Platinum Cash Rewards with a 20,000 limit after opening 14 new accounts not just in the last year, but within 3-4 months! My utilization is low, and my score was less than yours!

O really!!! Lucky you

I'm realizing just how lucky now!! They also refinanced my Range Rover for 1.49%!!

Congrats!  I'd love to have 1.49%.  Did you apply for the car or for the loan first?

What's in my wallet:

Left to right:
NPSL ($10k approved)
$5k (EMV - Chip & PIN)
$7k (Visa Sig + EMV)
$7.5k (WEMC)

Transunion FICO: 709 (8/13/12) -> 740 (9/24/12)
Credit Karma: 772 (11/24/13)
Credit Sesame: 755 (11/5/13)