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Re: EQ 671 TU 663!!

rogersave wrote:

Inching closer and closer to the 700 club! In the last month apped and got approved for a Discover IT and a Chase Freedom(with a low limit have to call for a CLI soon) Any other cards to recommend with my scores? Really want an AMEX, going to apply for a charge card first to get foot in door with them. Also cant wait to cancel my first premier and cap 1. Thanks to everyone on this board, there is an unbelievable amount of info that has taught me soo much!

If you have no baddies reporting and low UTI I suggest an AMEX charge. They tend to approve with mid scores, but each case is different so YMMV


But GE cards would be easier and they grow quickly. 

Good luck and congrats on your approvals. 

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