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Re: Planning app(s) for NON-reward cards

zyzzus wrote:

I'd like to add Discover IT to my mix sometime this summer but I am fairly content with the current  mix of cards I have (really want to upgrade my US Bank CC to cash+)


I am wanting to add cards that have lower rates/fees on things in the unfortunate even I get to the point where I cannot PIF.


Barclaycard Ring


-APR is Prime +4.75

-No Balance transfer/annual fee

-Cash advance fee is $1

-FTF 1%


DCU Platinum Visa


-APR 8.5%-18.00%

-No Balance Transfer/annual fee

-No cash advance fee

-FTF 2%



I had a C/O card from Navy when I was still in the service and left and was unaware of how credit worked.  Not sure if I can get back in with them or not.  Thoughts suggestions and comments are encouraged and welcomed.

So the trouble is with the APR range for DCU.  8.5% is a good APR, 18.00% not so much, lots of rewards cards around there.  So you would need to know what range of APR you might get, and how long it might stay there.