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Re: Has your opinion of Capital One changed?

IMO they still stink.  I have one, even got the EO to CLI me.  I think it's because I came into their fold as a low-end applicant at the bottom of the credit chain.  For that I should be more appreciative but now that things have improved I feel they aren't growing with me.  The $500 CLI was the dagger for me.  Once I pass the Barclays test I will replace C1 with a better card.


Now had I entered their fold as a Venture cardholder I'd probably have a different opinion.

GangnamFICO wrote:

Because the chicks dig it when I throw down the card to the waiter comes in handy if I'm short on cash until payday and need a short spot. AMEX gets the booty, and that's important when you're a Pirate.

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