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Re: Has your opinion of Capital One changed?

No. My opinion of Cap1 has not changed. 

Then again, I'm one of those people who is very grateful they offered me a partially secured product to start my rebuilding journey 18 months ago. 


You see, I totally screwed up my credit when I was younger. To the point that I couldn't do any more damage to it in the last decade because NOBODY would give me credit at all. Cap1 however had a good offer on a secured product ($49/$200) and I gave them a shot.. and in return they helped me get into the position I am in now. 

Over $10k in total credit and a score that is creeping up slowly. 


The only stress I had with Cap1 was before I understood how they deal with payments from now accounts.. sometimes it takes a few days for a payment to post when you're new. Yeah, THAT stressed me out a bit but once I understood the deal it was smooth sailing. 


I *hope* the EO approves my request to give me a CLI and kill the AF on my Cash Rewards card.. but if they don't I will thank them and explain that since Amex just opened an acct for me with a 2k limit and I have a Discover with 1.5k I no longer have a need for a $750 card with an AF and request they close BOTH of my accts. 

No biggie.. I appreciate their help so far... Only now the tables have turned.. they need me much more than I need them Smiley Happy

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