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Re: The Definitive Amex 3X CLI Guide Discussion Thread

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i currently have 18k cl and  planning for my next CLI. Do you mean documentation is required when reaching 25K, so I may be better off to ask for 24.5k total CL. Or it's ok to increase to 25k, just not go above

It's okay to increase to 25k, just not over.


That's great. Thanks for the information. Can you please clarify on one point? I understand 25k is a limit over which financia documentsm is required, but is this the limit for one CC, or for  total CL for all AMX CC I own

Just the card you are requesting the increase on at the time. You can have multiple cards from AMEX all at the $25,000 amount. 

Nice. 25k is good enough for one individual CC. very generous policy. thanks buddy