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Re: The Definitive Amex 3X CLI Guide Discussion Thread
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GangnamFICO wrote:

I can't imagine someone on a credit score building forum needing 25k on a credit card limit from one card. If you need that kind of credit, you're in the wrong forum for that type of credit extension.  If you're looking for a 25k credit limit, you're perspective and education on finance is in need of major overhaul.

To be honest, I fail to see how that tracks.  There's plenty of legitimate financial reasons for certain individuals to have a 25K CL.  As for the rest, McArthur did succintly state that one didn't have to use it.  


Granted, one could suppose on this forum that we chase CLI's for the wrong reasons (silly FICO games); however, that's really a non-issue just taken by itself.  In my case, I'll push my own limit on my Amex revolver to the max, just on the off chance that someday I might be in a spot where 25K of short-term float may actually be incredibly useful from a financial strategy perspective.


Edit: while the FICO forums are about credit education, at least for the CC forum, it's not all about credit score building. :cattongue:

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