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Cap1 Credit Increase

Hi everyone,


I found out today from the E.O. at Cap 1 that they increased my credit from $300 to $1000. I sent an email on Sunday, received a call on Tuesday and then again today to tell me of the increase.  I had requested $2000 but they gave me $1000.  I thank everyone who posts on these boards because I would not have known what to do...everytime I call ed to request an increase, they would politely let me know that my card wasn't eligible for one.  I am working on rebuilding my credit, so this is a big deal for me.  I had the card for 2 years and it has been at $300 since it was opened (prob because I had 4 30day lates).  I have a Cap 1 cash rewards which is pretty new (also $300 limit) so I will wait that out as well as a Walmart, Macy's and Bloomingdales.  All of the last ocards were opened in Nov 2012.  I have gotten baddies off my credit report and now I feel great because of all the people here who put in the time to share their success and experiences. And especially to the ones that have good/great credit, but still help those of us who are newcomers or just "ignorant" to the whole credit process and made numerous mistakes in the past. Thank you, Thank you and thanks again for your help and advice.