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Re: Whats in your... sock drawer?

FloridaState12 wrote:

FSU CU MasterCard

Walmart Store

Citi Forward


Chase Freedom


Soon-to-be: Discover IT...I'm just using it now because it's "new," but with the joke of a limit it has, it's going in the SD after the next statement cuts.


Will probably put the Citi Dividend in the SD once my new Cap1 gets here...I mainly have it in my wallet because it's my only MasterCard with a decent limit, but I'll probably start alternating between it and the Cap1 card since they finally decided to stop treating me like a kid. I just have it for the sake of having a MC, just in case.

I have heard with the DIscover card that it will increase nicely with usage.  Being new with them I charged $790 to the card and then paid it off a few weeks later, but this is just the first month of having the card, so no real personal knowledge of it's habits yet.  I am going to use it though to make sure I have the best possibility of getting a good limit with them.  I like their rewards and I actually kinda like the fact that I have a Discover card after all.  Maybe one day it will hit the sock drawer when I have much better cards.  But for now it is that card and the Freedom card mostly for me.

I swear I am going right to the Garden...... Hopefully to stay there longer than a month this time......