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Re: Subaru Chase MC After BK!

jumpinjax wrote:

Karunch wrote:

Holy cow! I had been looking at Subaru's website and I saw that there was a Subaru MasterCard offered by Chase, it offers 3% back in Subaru Rewards Dollars up to $500 per year which can be used for a new car, parts, or service at the dealer.  There also is no AF.  It also offers 0% on BT's & Purchases for the first 6 months.  So on a whim I figured that I would apply for it.  I honestly did not think that there was a snowball's chance in h*ll that I'd be approved, since I had a CH7 BK that was discharged in 08/2008 and 2 Chase CC's were IIB.  But I figured that it wouldn't hurt to try.


After I applied I got a 7-10 message, and I ended up getting a letter saying that because my TU was frozen that they could not review my application.  I went and unfroze my TU report and I called back tonight to let them know.  The CSR put me on hold for about 3 minutes and came back saying that my application was approved for $3,000!!!  Surprisingly he never asked me any questions, didn't ask about my BK, etc.  I did log into my Chase online account and the new card is showing up already, and it shows the $3k for the CL and my APR is 16.24%.  This is one of my lower CL's but I'm just glad to have my foot in the door with Chase.


I'm just absolutely shocked that I got approved since I thought that Chase blacklisted and weren't BK friendly.  I don't know if it makes any difference or not but I do have my auto loan for my Subaru through JP Morgan Chase that has been open since 02/2011.  Since my BK discharge my credit has vastly improved (my score is higher now then it ever was before BK), I have not had any late payments, and my income has doubled.  Right now my current UTL is 11%. 

Hello OP,


What did you do to these three questions on App? -


Yes, my credit history is clear of bankruptcy.
Yes, my credit history is clear of seriously delinquent accounts.
Yes, I have NOT been denied credit by Chase within the last 6 months.
Just curious..

I can chime in here...


When I applied with Chase with a BK, I just left the first box unchecked and checked the other 2.  When you leave one of those boxes unchecked, it's typically an auto-decline or they will request further information from the applicant.  When I got the letter, I called a recon analyst, she recommended me for approval and I got the card a couple days later.     

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