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Re: Walmart Credit Card

I filed Chapter 7 on November 2011, then started my first credit card after 3 months. I didn't really apply that much I didn't know you can rebuild right away but everyone has different preferences plus you already have credits on hand so there's no rush.. I think you are doing a really good job..Your credit will climb up right away.

Scupra wrote:
My plan was to wait a minimum of a year post bk7 to apply. I'm A ok with the three cards I have now. I rotate a balance less than 9% every month right now. Hopefully my score will climb quickly!!

Starting Score: 542 TU after bankruptcy November 9, 2011 (Discharge Date)
Current Score: 598 TU Rebuilding. In my wallet CAP1 @ $300 now $500 after 6 months, Orchard @ $300, WheelWorks/CFNA - $1200, GE/OldNayve&Walmart $300 Auto loan - $25K @ $490/month, FingerHut $150 BADDIES - HIGH UTI but no late fees, school loak $20K, 27 hard inquiry
Goal Score: 700

Starting Score: 455
Current Score: 550
Goal Score: 700

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