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Re: Asked chase about switching freedom from Visa to MC...

bernhardtra wrote:

WolfMan wrote:

My account has only been open for aprx. 1 month. 

I sent a secure message asking about switching from Visa to MC, and got a response that it would have to be escilated, then never heard anything back... 

I gave the reason that my Son's school lunch program only uses MC, and would like to use my Freedom card for that. 

Figured I'd get the wait 1 year that other have got. 


It's been a couple weeks, kind of forgot about it, even though I haven't heard anything, I log into my account today, and notice where it shows your card, I notice a second card with a different last four numbers underneath, showing the same info/transactions/etc. as the one above that has the last four digits of the one I have in my possession. 


Even the rewards site shows two cards now... I wonder if I'll be getting a Freedom MC in the mail soon...

They might not have actually switched your account, just added a MC card number to it.  Basically, two ways to access the same account, it might actually only even report one number too.  It might just take a few weeks to and the VISA number will disappear.  I would imagine that you will receive a message in the mail soon.

The same thing happened when I changed my CSP from Visa to Mastercard. Both show up when I log in and I use both the Visa Signature and World Mastercard without issues. They pull from the same pool of credit and share the same points. Only the Mastercard account number is on my credit report however.

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