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Re: Asked chase about switching freedom from Visa to MC...

Most likely if both cards stay active, the Visa will still get cut or thrown in a drawer. 


I don't even know the difference in benefites between the V and the MC, I just know I can pay for lunch online for my son, and go to Sams Club now. Smiley Happy


I would think, though, if both cards are active, you would get the benefits of the network that processed the transaction, depending on which card you used. 



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The same thing happened when I changed my CSP from Visa to Mastercard. Both show up when I log in and I use both the Visa Signature and World Mastercard without issues. They pull from the same pool of credit and share the same points. Only the Mastercard account number is on my credit report however.

Are you saying that you can now use both cards? Visa Siggy and World MC? And this is not just temporary during the transition period? Kind of cool if this would be permanent until the card expires  Smiley Happy  A two in one card !

As of now, yes I can use both and transactions post to both accounts. I'm expecting Chase to remove the Visa at some point, but for the past month I have been able to use the Visa Signature and the World Mastercard. I primarily just use the MC and leave the Visa for giggles. I also doesn't really utilize any Visa Signature/WMC benefits, so I'm not sure if both are available for use or just the Mastercard's.



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