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What should my plan be?

So now that I bought my new car I wont be too concerned with inquiries after I get a few more really good cards to round out my portfolio. Other than store cards I have the Citi Forward and a secured Capital One card that I want to close after I get another major card. Im thinking the Discover It, Chase Freedom and either the Csp (thanks for the tips on my other thread) or the BCE. How should I go about applying for these as far as time frame? Should I apply for all of them the same day and let them age together? In 2 months my oldest credit card would be 2 years and 3 months, 0-5% utilization, and less then 4 inquiries on my report not counting my auto loan inquiries.  On another note, I just realized that Im going to Boston in 2 weeks and am going to be spending more money that week that normal so it would be easier to spend the $500 and 2k or 3k for the startup bonuses. Should I apply for the cards now or wait for that last inquiry to fall off on May 9th?