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Re: What should my plan be?

Theyve been falling off right along but the last to fall off soon will be the 9th. 4 others remain, plus the auto inquiries(on Transunion), but only 1 is from within the past 12 months. Yes my auto loan has already reported and my scores should be right around 700. They were just short of 700 before the car but I had higher balances on my credit cards then too (plus more inquiries from credit cards still on my report).  I believe theres like 15 auto loans on my reports. I think I might pull all my reports tonight and see whats what on them. If you guys think I shouldnt apply for all of them in one shot what exactly should I do? Like I said, I planned on waiting but with going out of town I can easily get my signup bonuses paid. (Chase Freedom or Discover just on the hotel alone).