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Re: What should my plan be?

So I applied last night for the Freedom and the CSP and got the "needs further review" screen. I called in earlier to have the rep check on that and he said that I was denied due to a large number of inquires on my report but then he said they look mostly likely from a car loan. He then asked me if there was a reason I applied for 2 cards at the same time. I gave him the story on how Id like to move alot of my spending over to Chase and how I like the Freedoms rotating categories and the CSP travel benefits etc etc.. He said let him try to go  back and see what they can do on the Freedom card to get me approved. He came back a few minutes later and said he was able to approve me for 3k! Not as much as my Forward but I"ll gladly take it! Why do you guys think he offered to recon the Freedom and not the CSP? Then I called back later in the day and spoke to a different guy and told him that I had just been appoved earlier for the Freedom but the guy told me to call back later and check the status of the CSP (wasnt true but couldnt think of another excuse). He put me on hold for a couple of minutes while he reviewed my credit report and came back and said that I was correct about a large amount of the inquiries being from a recent auto loan. He also told me that because I had no credit cards over 5k thats basically whats holding me back. I told him that my Citi card has 4k and Ive handled that responsibly and reminded him about how I heard that Chase was such a good bank and wanted to move most of my spending through them. He put me on hold one last time for one final review and came back and said he was able to approve me for the 5k! I must say Chase is pretty awesome so far! Its a little wierd that the first rep totally shot the idea of the CSP down though, but hey it was definitally worth the recons!