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Re: jp morgan palladium question

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If one simply Googles "Palladium Card Requirements" there are a number of responses that seem to support the stated requirments of Private Banker affiliation and assets matching the average $30milliion of exisitng clients.  Another article stated that there are only 5000 Palladium customers, certainly making it far more exclusive than anything else generally available in the USA. 


Because if it's on the Internet it must be true! Smiley Tongue


The information you copy and pasted is old and now incorrect. You can apply for a Palladium card with just a CPC relationship, which comes with a stated minimum of $250k. Originally, you needed a JPM Private Banking relationship, which had an official minimum of $25mm AUM at the time. In the interim, there has been some restructuring at JPM GWM such that the PB starts at $5mm, but now has HNW ($5mm-$25mm) and UHNW ($25mm+) divisions.

As I stated, there are a number of sources that seemed to support the prior statements; I didn't quote them all, including a fairly recent Barrons article.  Yes, some of the data is not current; some of it that I read, is.    That said, the card is still far more exclusive than what most of us mere mortals would qualify for! Smiley Happy

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