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Re: Best Buy Card

dodgerslv wrote:

Gpt a question and maybe someone can enlighten me on how to proceed. I had applied for a Best Buy Credit card about 3 week ago online cuz wanted to purchase an ipad and laptop. Unfortunately my app was declined due to "unable to positively verify identity". They HP EQ but havent received letter or anything. I was doing some research on others who have had the same reason and noticed it is a big headache to try to recon with them. Some people have had they reports pulled multiple times cuz of this. Should i even bother to call at all and plead my case? or just leave it alone and apply later down the road when i am at the store or when Citi takes over. Im in a serious gardening journey right now and dont want anymore HPs on my reports. Anyone had any success getting their application approved after same reason for being denied?




Call tommorow, good luck!!!

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