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Re: Best Reward Card for Groceries?
w20031424 wrote:

There was a TYP unlimited 5% CB on gorcerystore, died two months ago.


There is a Thank You version, that gives 5% (on groceries, drug stores and gas) for 12 months, available only in a branch.  If your grocery bills are high, this is worth having.


And you can often find limited time offers of 5% off groceries  from TD Bank (6 months) and Citizens (90 days).   IMO 90 days is too much hassle for the benefit (unless you  plan to do a lot of manufactured spend)


PenFed Plat Rewards gives 3% uncapped, but that has disappeared in the last few weeks, and its replacement only gives 3% until the end of Oct.


Below that, Amex Fidelity gives 2% on everything, so a better choice than things like the Barclaycard Rewards, unless Amex acceptance is an issue.