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Re: Best Reward Card for Groceries?

For groceries, I like the following:


1.  BCP for the first $6K - no reason for BCE, not hard to hit $6K with GCs you may use anyway, e.g. starbucks, restaurants.

2.  Flexperks - 2%, but with 25% with gold checking, or 50% bonus with plat checking.

3.  Citi's 5% for 12 months, if you can find it at a branch.


The 2% ones aren't really worth noting, since Fid Amex offers 2% without restriction, and JCB Murakai (CA and HI) offers 3% without restriction.


Walmart would be great for groceries.  Buy what we need at lowest prices, and fill up our bluebird accounts at the same time.  Smiley Wink