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Student's first cards...

My son just turned 19.  I put him on my Target card last Oct and I'll put him on my Macy's.  As far as his score, he has none, we're not even able to pull any of the 3 reports online.  I would think he would have a report by now due to the Target card as it's been over 6 mos.


Is he destined to start out with secured cards for now?  He will be applying for that tonight through our CU, they will graduate him to a regular gold Visa, but they don't have anything geared to students.  As far as I've read here, Discover for Students & Citi Forward for Students are the two to focud on, but do they approve with no report/no score?  I assume they wouldn't.  


I don't want to attempt buying a score at myFICO and get charged but have no score...  I wonder how that works.  Smiley Surprised



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