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Re: Recon CSP

matopek wrote:

Just apped for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card for the benefits/points bonus. I got the "Application under review, check back in two weeks" message and tried the automated status line. No information on there either, so I called up the recon line for app status. Person on phone said application was denied (after putting me on hold for about a minute), and cited the reasons (Too many inquiries, 1 new card from Chase over a month ago, two other new cards, debt ratio because of student loan (although she said payments were deferred on that...implying that maybe that is fine)).


Card portfolio:


Chase Freedom- $2.5K Opened April 13

Amex Blue - $2K Opened April 13

Discover - $750 Opened Nov 12

Cap One - $500 Opened May 12

Barclays - $250 Opened April 13

BOA - $700 - Opened May 13


I know CSP requires line of $5K. I was thinking that I am due for an Amex 3x CLI in a few weeks, and may bump that up to 6K limit. Also got a recent auto CLI from Discover. Also, no bad things on report, spotless payment history.


Is it worth calling the recon line again for a second time? I kind of only called the first time to seek application status, and wrote down denial reasons. The person on the phone seemed rather rushed so I figured I'd wait to recon. I figured I already took the HP for this application.

Give it six months with your Chase Freedom so they can get to know you. PIF heavy use. Get your CLI on Amex and any other cards where it can be done with a SP. If Amex puts you over 5k then you should be in good shape depending on your CS. I was denied for CSP because of lack of revolvers, so I got a 3k Freedom and 5k venture. After six months I am hoping to go back and get the CSP, although I am anticipating having to recon to do so. Your problem is low CLs, but that should change if you get bumped up by Amex. 

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