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Re: Recon CSP

Laugh wrote:
If you have a clean report, build 6 months of credit history with chase. If you have many inquiries, let them age before applying. Make sure to use the chase card heavily even if it only has a $500 limit.

Remember, the 5k limit requirement has been proven to be false approval after approval.

If you don't have a clean report, your results will probably vary.

While I absolutely agree with you, there's incredibly few individual things from an underwriting perspective that are either automatic approval or outright rejection worthy.


Underwriting decisions are based on a collection of datapoints for risk analysis, and while we've had some anecdotal reports of CSP approvals that appeared to be more head-scratching than even my Amex approvals to me, I think it's reasonable to say that having a tradeline greater than 5K helps to some extent.


That said, virtually anything can be reconned sucessfully with Chase; however, a slew of recent accounts including the Freedom aka Chase starter card, is a difficult walk with what amounts to 1.25 years history to a CSP.  I'd probably try my luck once more without expecting anything... though assuming the credit market stays similar through this time next year, I'll certainly be reconning my own CSP decision if I get denied, and probably twice at that as well.


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