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Re: USAA is not open to everyone anymore

It's not deserving anything special or being elite. Or people getting butt-hurt being referred to as "second class citizens". 


It's that military organizations providing unique financial needs for their members. 


It's that military have an absolutely different financial needs than non-military. Anyone who was a member prior to 2009 knows for a fact that customer service has taken a nose-dive to the point of USAA having to outsource their CS. 


When the organization gets too big it can no longer provide the service that membes have come to expect. Between picking up and moving across the country or out of country every 2 years, buying/renting new places, deployments, these all factor into unique financial needs of a certain group. 


The churning/abusers of Penfed's 5% gas card have already destroyed that off for military members. USAA's customer service has taken a complete dump. I pray Navy doesn't get too big now. I'm glad USAA seems to be going back to their focus on the military - kinda silly they gear their commercials to veterans and saying they are commited to those who serve - but let literally anyone in