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Re: myFICO Insider's Guide to 2010 credit card reform and new FHA mortgage rules

The question I have is about the minimum payment credit card companies are now reporting due to this act... 


I just pulled my credit report and it shows the minimum payment amounts to be be the payment amount that I would use to pay off the balance in three years according to the truth in lending disclosure.  It does not show that the actual minimum payment amount is on the balance.  This obviously would affect the amount you show as going out every month on your credit report.  For example, if it shows I must pay $300 a month versus the actual minimum of $180, that is going to lower my percentages.  I pay more than the mininmum every month, but the point is that it is showing the "wrong" payment amount on my credit report.  


I hope that makes sense.  Any way to fix that?