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Re: Has anyone ever hit 850?

jmeek08 wrote:
Hey Dallasgirl, that credit union is Dallas Telco Federal Credit Union in downtown Dallas.

The fico score for members doesnt get reported all that often and I dont know how it works but the credit union automatically does an update for members peridocially. The guy with the 835 CS was updated on 6/25/08 and then before that it was a CS of 822 on 11/20/2006 and it looks as if the CS was 714 in 03 so if I see this person again I may have to ask what exactly he is doing to obtain this kind of score so I can get back with you guys.


Thanks, jmeek08.  I've been with the downtown Texas Federal for a number of years and they're not too far from Dallas Telco.   Unfortunately, the lady I spoke to at my CU said that their tellers do not have access to FICO scores on customers.   Please let us know if you find out any information on how your guy is maintaining that type of score.   At his age, I'm assuming his mortgage is probably paid off, has a long established history, and no debt.