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Re: Has anyone ever hit 850?

marty56 wrote:

Matt, are you sure that a judgement will wind on on your report?  I could understand if you went to court and didnt pay what the court wanted you to pay but IMHO they would be suing your insurance company not you.


Someone posted that their DW had a 990 Vantage score.  IMHO I dont believe it or believe that anyone could get an 850 since scoring is based on the probability of default on payments and I dont think it would ever be 0.


Well, today I got a call from my lawyer with excellent news: the other party has accepted an settlement offer from my insurance company, so the trial scheduled to begin tomorrow will not take place.  I will not have to appear in court and there will not be a Public Record of a Satisfied Judgement.  Drive safely of course, but especially never hit somebody with a relative who is a partner of a law firm!



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