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Re: New Credit Score Website
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CreditBob wrote:

Check out these 2 websites. One is a news story


The other one is scheduled to be on the news this Monday. So go to

This is HUGE news.  I signed up on and was presented with ALL THREE FICO SCORES  - INCLUDING EX.


The models used are Beacon 5.0 for EQ, Classic TU04 for TU, and FAIR ISAAC 2 for EX.  Make sure you read the PDF file attached to the scores page as it is the actual report. 


There is a CreditKarma like interface with everything based on REAL FICO SCORES.  


It cost $48 for 12 pulls.  


Get ready to spend the next few hours taking it all in..... :smileyvery-happy:

EQ FICO - EQ08 - 850 -10/22/14
TU FICO - TU08 - 850 - 10/22/14
EX FICO - EX08 - 850 - 10/22/14