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Re: New Credit Score Website
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This web site is under development and was mistakenly LIVE on the internet for a brief time.  I pulled my credit report, and I can guarantee that they are FICO scores. They pull a credit report through CBC Innovis, and it looks very much like what you'd see from a mortgage pull, and what bankers see on their screens when you apply for credit.  It is a tri-merge report that shows all three of the CRA's  and lists the models of FICO that were used to generate the report.  EQ - Beacon 5.0, TU - Classic 04, and EX - Fair Issac Score 2.  My FICO scores were identical to my FICO scores here and elsewhere except for TU which is most likely the difference between TU04 and the TU98 score we get here. 


You can't pull a credit report now as they shut that down until they have finished with BETA testing.  As it is under construction, this site is NOT SECURE and EXTREMELY dangerous from a security standpoint.  It is supposed to go live for general use on January 1st. At least that is what the sites owners are saying.  Although I don't think it is likely this is a scam, the possibility does exist,  


It will be a VERY cool site when they finish it, and wiil be the answer to a lot of our prayers, it seems, especially concerning EX.  


Had I thought about it more, I WOULD HAVE NEVER PULLED MY REPORT until it was safe to do so.  My recommendation concerning this site is to watch its progress and WAIT until an official launch of some sort.  If you go to the site there is an explanation under a tab called BETATEST that can explain what's happening better than I can do here.  DO NOT attempt to use this site until it is complete (if ever) as your SS number and credit card info are probably NOT SECURED at this point.


Be patient - I wish I had been. Smiley Mad   

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