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Re: New Credit Score Website

Looks like they're in the process of fixing their pricing - used to $48 for 1 pull, 2 pulls, or 12 pulls per year.  Didn't make any sense.  There also wasn't any price difference between the "Analyzer" or the "Tracker", even though it seemed like Analyzer appears to offer more value/content.  Now the site has different prices for the number of pulls per year and the product chosen - anywhere from $4.95/month for a single yearly pull for the Tracker and $8.95 for a single pull for the Analyzer, up to $24.95 and $32.95 for 12 pulls/year, respectively.  However, the billing page is still messed up, because when you choose the different products, the price on the right stays fixed at $48.


So clearly not ready for prime time.  As mentioned, it's not secure - no "https" or other evidence of security safeguards in place.  Hopefully no one who has used this site will find themselves in trouble.


android01, has your credit card been charged for your purchase?