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Re: New Credit Score Website

Lel wrote:

Looks like they're in the process of fixing their pricing - used to $48 for 1 pull, 2 pulls, or 12 pulls per year.  Didn't make any sense.  There also wasn't any price difference between the "Analyzer" or the "Tracker", even though it seemed like Analyzer appears to offer more value/content.  Now the site has different prices for the number of pulls per year and the product chosen - anywhere from $4.95/month for a single yearly pull for the Tracker and $8.95 for a single pull for the Analyzer, up to $24.95 and $32.95 for 12 pulls/year, respectively.  However, the billing page is still messed up, because when you choose the different products, the price on the right stays fixed at $48.


So clearly not ready for prime time.  As mentioned, it's not secure - no "https" or other evidence of security safeguards in place.  Hopefully no one who has used this site will find themselves in trouble.


android01, has your credit card been charged for your purchase?

No, it hasn't been charged and I've been watching closely.  They aren't set up to take credit cards yet, but I still got my report and was able to use the Tracker, Analyzer, and Planner which are VERY valuable tools.  They say my CC will be charged a one time charge of $19.95 once they have it up and running since i was one of the guinea pigs that set up an account that they hadn't planned for.   I really, really hope that this site works out.  I would imagine that there are some very powerful forces aligning against them as I write this.   If they can pull this off succesfully, it's going to change everything, IMO.    

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