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Re: New Credit Score Website

llecs wrote:

I don't know about the set-up fee, but $40/month seems reasonable. I bet they are charged at least $30/pull on the report data and the tri-merge service.

When I got my tri-merge report from them, the price that the puller paid was listed on the report itself. It cost them $6.00.  I'm sure that whenever they go live the price that they settle on will have to include all of the fixed expenses of running a web site, site development costs and maintenance, customer service personnel etc. $40 a month does seem very reasonable to me even though they are paying such a small price for the actual report. There's a lot more involved in providing a service than most people realize.  Although we all focus on the report alone, getting that report and all of the tools this site will offer to us as consumers adds quote a bit of cost.



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