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Re: New Credit Score Website
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Well, I was excited when I read the first post and looked at the website... until I looked further.


#1, There is NO contact info on the website. That for me is a HUGE red flag, no matter what type of website it is, but especially with a credit website like this.


#2, There is NO mention of the set-up fee until you get to the check-out screen. Personally, I think that's a little shady. If I hadn't read about it here, I would have been shocked to see it there. I think it should be have been mentioned elsewhere *before* you check out.


#3, When I clicked "PLANS & PRICING" in the upper right corner, I got an error message:

A critical error has occurred. An unexpected error has occurred

#4, I already have SW (which I love) and TU FICO from Walmart (which I love, also). If I got this service for 1 year, I would be paying really for EX FICO only. And SW has benefits that this doesn't -- it lets me know when my score changes and any activity on my CR. I have USAA CMS, too, which monitors all 3. This service has NO monitoring and won't let me know if/when my score changes.

#5, The pricing is confusing. What if you don't want to commit to a year? What if you just want to try it for a month? One pull is $4.95 plus $24.95 set up, so it should be $30, right? but when I click the 1 pull option, it is actually charging me $39.95 or 12 pmts of $4.95, plus a set-up fee of $24.95 = 64.90. I think they still have many kinks to work out here! Their pricing in inconsistent and confusing. Why would 1 credit pull be $4.95 per month for an entire year? Is it one pull PER month? They *really* need to have their pricing explained better on their site.

#6, The $64,000 question... If this company can buy and re-sell EX FICO, then why can't Smiley Surprised
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