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Re: New Credit Score Website

JagerBombs89 wrote:


Ok so I decided to make an assumption... IF tracker pulls all 3 FICO scores then this would be considered  "1 credit pull."  Then "12 credit pulls" would pull all 3 FICO scores 12 different times. 

With pricing:  $24.95 per month or 12 months for $249.95 (only 10 payments) this is pretty reasonable. 

$274.90 for 12 Credit pulls w/ 3 FICOs = $274.90 for 36 pulls or $7.64 per FICO score / $22.92 for a tri-merge report.


This isn't exactly explained but if this is the case, then this is very well priced!

This was what I assumed as well looking at their products.


I wasn't going to go for the 12 pulls: I don't need that many, but I do need a few and knowing my EX report and score is important to me at least as pretty much all the prime lenders in my area pull it.  Of course all the caveats apply, even a EX FICO Risk 2 isn't necessarily the score a lender will use from Experian.


I don't think this is a worthwhile investment for everyone, if my credit were gold-plated than some monitoring service vis a vis USAA and to hell with the score would be more than sufficient (and I personally probably don't really need that anyway); however, for those of us trying to get a handle on certain breakpoints leading up to a mortgage, this new site really is exceptional.  It may not be as pretty as the reports that myfico prints out, but I'm just fine with an oldschool ASCII text report and a score even.  


I'll probably run the numbers more fully later, but I figure if I can get this new service for roughly $30-35 per tri-pull over roughly 3-4 pulls per year, I come out ahead... and that's even against just the $20 dollar report / score for EQ from here as I mostly discount TU as irrelevant in my situation until mortgage time.

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